features of bucket elevator


 display-details-of-bucket-elevator-   Bucket elevator is one kind of machine which can vertically elevating materials.the’ structure can divided into top segment,bottom segment and middle casing .it has small space for cover and with good sealing.it can effectively prevent dust pollution for environment. besides,bucket elevator has simple structure,easy operation,stable running,low noise,large capacity,flexible application advantages,can use for difference conveyor systems.Bucket elevator have many types,according to traction parts and structure can divided into following types.
1.Belt Bucket Elevator Type
Belt type bucket elevator is the widely used type for bucket elevator,the traction parts is belt,this type elevator with a high elevator speed,so it has a large capacity,the belt cost is low,so the maintenance cost is low.
2.Chain Bucket Elevator Type
Chain type bucket elevator can be divided into ring chain type and plate link chain,these two types bucket elevator has a stable traction parts,any they have many chain material options,if elevating corrosivity material,we can select stainless steel chain,if elevating grinding material,we can select wear-resistant steel,so the chain type bucket elevator can be suitable for different materials,besides,these two chain types with a good strength,it suitable for large elevating height,large capacity,large density material.
3.High Efficient Bucket Elevator type
According to the shell structure,the bucket elevator can be divided into common bucket elevator and high efficient bucket elevator,by the way,above bucket elevator also can be divided into common bucket elevator and high efficient bucket elevator,due to the specific structure,this type bucket elevator has double middle casing,so the capacity of bucket elevator has been greatly improved,high efficient bucket elevator is a new type machine from common bucket elevator improvement,it has the characteristics of reasonably compact structure, high handling capacity, high elevation and stable operation.
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