Bucket Elevator Surface Treatment Process Technology


As an effective corrosion protection method of cement bucket elevator, hot dip zinc has been widely used in metal structure facilities of the industry.
Hot dip galvanizing is after rust removal of steel immersed in about 600 DEG C molten zinc, the steel member is attached to the surface of the zinc coating, zinc layer thickness of 5 mm in the following sheet shall not less than 65 m, above 5mm thick and not less than 86 m to serve the purpose of corrosion.
Hot dip galvanizing of sand bucket elevator advantages are as follows:
1.Long service life: general hot dip galvanized steel components in most suburban areas can be used for more than 50 years, in urban areas or near coastal area of up to 20 years, even can reach more than 25 years.
2.High hardness: the outermost layer of pure zinc layer is relatively soft, able to absorb most of the impact force, and the bottom of the Fe Zn alloy layer is very hard, the alloy layer is very good wear-resisting layer.
3. Cathodic protection: due to the potential of the zinc is lower than the potential of iron, so when iron from corrosion, zinc as cathode to anode iron protective effect.
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