Buried Scraper Conveyor Installation Instructions


The installation of the buried scraper conveyor requires the following work:
1) Positioning of the buried scraper conveyor: first, fix the position of the head and the tail, then confirm the center line of the scraper conveyor.
2) Paving the middle slot: pave the middle slot according to the center line of the conveyor. If adopt non-metallic tanks, the middle tanks are paved with bricks and cement prefabricated panels and bonded with the cast stone liners. When the cast stone lining is laid, it is necessary to pay attention to straightness, minimize the number of seams, and stagger the longitudinal gaps so as to prevent the gaps from grinding into grooves during work. The surface of the cement chain conveyor needs to be laid flat,if there is excessive bending in the plane of the conveyor, it will inevitably lead to non-uniform force of the two chains and accelerate the wear between the chain and the cast stone of the tank wall, and even the lock chain. The laps in each section should be flat without steps. Due to the structural limitation of the tank itself, the deflection of the adjacent middle tank in the vertical direction should not be excessive,if the conveyor is not laid straight, the transport power consumption will increase,the coal or debris on the machine path should be wiped clean.
3) Install the head and tail: There should be some space for the head and the tail to facilitate maintenance and overhaul. The center line of the sprocket should be perpendicular to the center line of the chain scraper conveyor and be horizontal.
4) Install the scraper chain: Before the scraper chain is installed, it should be connected in advance, and the scraper is evenly distributed in the chain,if it is double chains, choose the same length or factory assembled paired chain,there must be no twisting of the chain,the edge of the ring chain weld is facing upwards to prevent pinching between the chain and the sprocket.
5) Inspection and no-load running: After the buried scraper conveyor is installed, it should perform a full inspection and start the conveyor. 2 hours of no-load running, mainly check the drive device and scraper operation is normal,at the same time, each adjacent middle groove is tightened, and the chain is tightened again to adjust the length of the chain. During the first two weeks of operation of the scraper conveyor, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the chain. The inspection method is: if there is a drive device at the tail, then drive the device,when the upper strand chain of the tail sprocket has more than two completely loose links, the tight chain or split chain reduction is required to reduce the number of rings to reduce the link length. If there is only a head drive, the motor needs to be reversed, when the upper chain at the head sprocket has more than two completely loose links,also need to tighten the chain or reduce the chain.
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