Cause Analysis and Solution of Abnormal Noise for Scraper Conveyor


When the scraper conveyor generate abnormal noise in the course of the operation, indicating there are problems in the structure or assembly, if not promptly amended, the conveyor will be a fault, the occurrence of shell wear, chain wear, sprocket wear , broken chain and other phenomena, so in the work should be timely detection of noise sources, and take appropriate measures to eliminate abnormal noise, resulting in abnormal noise for what causes? How to solve these problems? Look at the analysis below.

1.The friction between the chain and the bottom of the casing creates noise
The tensioning of the scraper conveyor is generally tightened by the screw, and when the screw tension is improperly adjusted, if the tension is too small, the tension of the chain becomes smaller and the chain will be sagged ,resulting in the chain and the bottom of the casing contacting and friction, resulting in noise, if not promptly adjusted, the chain and the bottom of the casing will produce varying degrees of wear and tear, affecting the service life.
Solution: Adjust the tensioning device in time , to increase the tensioning force.
2.The friction between the chain and guide rail creates noise
As the chain itself is heavier, so the shell has a chain guide rail, rails need a very high installation accuracy, if the rail installation there is a large error, the rail protruding part of the chain will have a greater resistance, resulting in noise.
Solution: Find the guide rail which have problems , and relocate the guide rail.
3.The friction between the scraper and casing creates noise
Under normal circumstances, the total width of the scraper is smaller than the width of the casing width, so that the scraper can be successfully passed the casing, but due to processing problems , some parts of the scraper will exceed the specified width, resulting in scraper contact casing, , which not only increases the chain running resistance, but also led to the casing and scraper abnormal wear and tear, seriously affecting the service life.

4.Chain and sprocket engagement improper cause noise
Due to the installation accuracy, or sprocket machining accuracy problems, resulting in the chain and the sprocket teeth cannot be properly engaged, making a larger gap between sprocket and the chain , the chain in the course of running will not be support by the sprocket teeth, it will produce irregular vibration, which issued abnormal sound.
Solution: Improve the installation accuracy, reasonably modify the sprocket structure, so that the chain and the sprocket can fully engage.
The driven device creates noise because be lack of lubricating oil
5.Driving device is generally composed of motor and gearbox, the conveyor after a period of working time, the gear box will be lack of lubricating oil, the gear at work will be creates noise, which will affect the motor efficiency, the gear will be damaged.
Solution: Checking the lubricating oil level termly , to ensure the gear box has enough lubricating oil.
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