Causes of fracture of linear vibrating screen damping spring


Linear vibration sieve is a kind of screening equipment with simple structure and large output. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. It can work with the automatic feeding system for 24 hours continuous work. However, when the linear screen is used, the shock-absorbing spring will be broken. What causes this problem? How can the user solve it?
The reason why the linear vibrating screening machine damping spring often breaks can be divided into quality reasons and external use reasons.
1. Quality reasons: Everyone knows that the damping springs used in different types of linear vibration shaker are also different. The excitation force of different types of equipment is also different. This requires shock-absorbing springs with different bearing capacities to support and connection. Once the spring is chosen unreasonably or due to quality problems, it will often break; and that will affect the normal production and service life of the linear screen.
2. External reasons: due to the amount of material, installation location and other reasons, the four-corner vibration frequency will appear uneven during the production process of the linear vibration separator, which will cause the vibration spring to be in a state of torsional vibration and overload for a long time and then there will be fracture problem.
The above is the reason that the shock absorber spring of the linear vibrating screen often breaks, so the user needs to select according to the own production requirements when purchasing the screening equipment. During the design and installation, please select according to the actual installation position.
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