Causes and Preventive Measures for Edge abrasion in Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor


Corrugated sidewall belt is an important part of corrugated sidewall conveyor, which consists of base belt, sidewall and cleats. The sidewall can prevent materials from slipping off, in order to steer around the pulley, the sidewall are designed to be corrugated; the function of cleats is to load materials, generally we adopt T-type or TC type so as to convey at inclined or even vertical angle. The sidewall and cleats of the corrugated sidewall conveyor are fixed to the base belt by means of secondary vulcanization and it has high connection strength.
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by Henan PK mining machinery industry.
Abrasion of belt edge mainly due to the belt rubbing the frame of sidewall belt conveyor caused by the deviation. In theory, the conveyor belt should run on the centerline of the roller group, but due to the conveyor manufacturing, installation, usage and other defects of the conveyor, the belt often deviates away from the centerline. In general, it allows 5% displacement for the belt in width direction. It will generate edge abrasion between the belt edge, roller bracket and conveyor frame in the condition of deviating too much. And the corrugated sidewall conveyor belt would even fold causing belt tearing and glue coating peeling off because of terrible deviation.
corrogated sidewall conveyor  produced by Henan PK mining machinery industry.
According to the analyzing the reasons of sidewall belt conveyor belt abrasion, we should take some relevant precautions to extend its service life when designing corrugated sidewall conveyor. Here are five points as the following shows to optimize the design:
1. Selecting sidewall belt reasonably;
2. Reduce the wear caused by conveyor parts;
3. Optimize the feeding device structure;
4. Weaken the lash to the belt when feeding materials;
5. Employ the electromechanical protection device.
The application of corrugated sidewall belt will be more and more widely. However, the construction investment to corrugated sidewall conveyor and conveyor belt manufacturing would be very high, workload for equipment maintenance would be even heavy, we need to study and research much deeper and continuously on the issue about extending conveyor and belt service life, aiming at corrugated conveyor belt getting used more fully.
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by Henan PK mining machinery industry.
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