Chain break reasons for chain bucket elevator


TH series bucket elevator working principle: TH series bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of non-abrasive small material. TH-type is a chain bucket elevator using mixed or gravity discharge, digging loading. Traction pieces adopts with high quality alloy steel ring. Central chassis sub-single, dual-channel two forms use automatic tension with constant weight inside the heavy weights box. Sprocket wheel adopts interchangeable structure, which has advantages of long service life and easy wheel replacement. The lower part adopts gravity automatic tension device,which can keep a constant tension force, avoid chain slipping or dragging, meanwhile the buckets encounter the phenomenon of jamming caused by accidental factors,which can effectively protect the lower shaft and other components.The vertical bucket elevator is suitable for conveying bulk density of less than 1.5t/m³ easy to dig out of the powder, granular and small pieces of material with materials temperature below 250℃.
During operation, chain break situation may happen, here we list some reasons as follows:
If this is associated with the conveying material, if conveying material is fine particles with big viscosity and easy to stick between the link chain, if each adjacent two link chains are attached with the fine particle layer, thousands of the link chain will build up a long length, this will make the chain more and more tightly until they are pulled cut.The solution is to loosen the bucket elevator chain tension device and relieve the excessive tension, hence the chain will not break.
Following reasons will also cause chain break:
1.Chain quality problems, such as high hardness and low toughness during heat treatment.
2.The upper and lower sprockets are misaligned, biting the chain.
3.Whether the lower wheel adopts self-made drum.
4.After the chain wear, the activity is limited, and the wear of the biting holes in the upper and lower sprockets can also cause chain break.
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