Characteristics of Bucket Elevator


The characteristics of bucket elevator are as below:
/ring-bucket-elevatorBucket elevator has many obvious advantages,for example: the throughput is large, the elevation is high, the operation is smooth and reliable, the service life is long, the drive power is small, the use range is wide, the operation reliability is good, and so on.

The Classification of bucket elevator are as follows mainly 4 types:
1.Classification according to unloading characteristics:
Centrifugal type:suitable for dry and liquid powdery and granular materials.The bucket speed is generally 1 ~ 2m/s. Deep bucket can be selected.
Mixed type:suitable for moist, liquid powder and granular materials,the bucket speed is medium speed, generally 0.6 ~ 0.8 m/s.

2.Classification according to load characteristics:
Extract type: suitable for powder, small grain and abrasive materials.
Flow type: suitable for large, abrasive materials.
3.Classification according to traction type:
Rubber belt: the work is stable, the noise is small, can increase the bucket speed and increase the productivity.Rubber is elastic and can be cushioned when loading.
Chain:use in large hoisting height, large throughput and density, high temperature (> 150 ℃) and the material digging resistance.

4.Classification according to the hopper type:
Deep bucket: loading material is much, difficult to unload.Suitable for conveying dry and loose material.
Shallow bucket: loading material is small, easy to unload.Suitable for conveying damp and viscous material.

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