The relation between the circular vibrating screen surface inclination and the screening efficiency


Because its motion trajectory is approximately a circle, it is called a circular vibrating screen, which is a new type of vibrating screen with multiple layers and is the latest and efficient. Circular vibrating screen is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry and other industries.(note: the manufacturer can customize various specifications,various vibration modes according to the actual situation of different users.)
When circular vibrating screen is in use, the particle size of sieve material particle size is different, the accuracy and requirements of the material are different, the capacity also each are not identical, so the circular vibrating screen surface inclination and capacity are inseparable relationship.The inclination Angle of the screen surface and horizontal is the sieve surface inclination,So when the circular vibrating screen is screening material, the sieve surface inclination has inseparable relationship with the screening efficiency and capacity. Now Pingyuan Mining Machinery will explain the circular vibrating screen surface inclination relation with the screening efficiency and capacity for everybody.

The angle is closely related with the circular vibrating screen equipment capacity and the screening efficiency. When the Angle increases, will increase the casting strength of the oversize material, thus the forward movement speed of material on the screen surface will quicken, the capacity of vibrating screen increases, but the time of the material staying in the screen surface will be shortened, reduce the probability of particles going through sieve, thus reduce screening efficiency.
Otherwise the capacity will be reduced,and the screening efficiency will be increased. In order to make the sieve screening efficiency be controlled in the ideal scope, the screen surface Angle of circular vibrating screen is generally between 15 ~ 25 degree, the sieve surface angle of linear vibrating sieve is between 0 ~ 8 degree.   
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