How to Clean the Remaining Material of the Screw Conveyor?


 There are two kinds of screw conveyer : tubular type and trough type. According to different designs , the cleaning method is also different.

Tubular screw conveyor: it has two cleaning methods since the casing is a steel pipe: water injection cleaning and ventilation cleaning. Water injection cleaning means that inject a large amount of water at the inlet and wash the internal tube, flushing the remaining water out of screw conveyor. Ventilation cleaning which uses the air pump or fan to bring the air inside the tube and blow the material out of the tube. The two methods are very convenient to clean up the material inside the tube.

Tubular screw conveyor

Trough screw conveyor: since the casing is trough type and there is cover plate on the trough casing, so please take down the fixed bolts when clean the material and remove the cover plate, then start to clean up the material. It is very easy to clean the kind of material, you can also clean it directly by air pump.

trough screw conveyor

After completing operation of screw conveyor, a certain amount of material can not be discharged thoroughly, only when you make sure the machine stops running, you can start to clean the screw conveyor, otherwise there will be accident.