Common failure analysis of chain scraper conveyor


Scraper conveyor is very important conveyor equipment,The field of use and frequency are relatively large,therefore, the probability of equipment failure problems are greater,For example, the device appears to be one of the most common problems.The problem of equipment chain jumping or even breaking chain will affect the normal operation of equipment and affect the production efficiency of enterprises,What is the reason for this equipment chain jumping?How to deal with When such problems?
From a lot of experience, scraper conveyor chain problems appear often associated with the chute and the material has a relationship.When the chute is a large piece of hard objects stuck,The chain is easy to hop with chain problems as the device is operating,To deal with such problems need to check the various parts of the equipment is normal,Keeping equipment clean is important; large materials can cause poor transport between the scraper and the floor,So the chain hopper, the other if the tightness of the chain on both sides of the chain will occur if the problem of chain hopping, if not resolved in time, the device is working under such conditions for a long time is very prone to wear and tear or fracture.

When scraper conveyor occur lump chain should be without power,Go to check the equipment parts of the problem,The first visual inspection of the overall situation of the equipment, if the rear of the device and the head appear chain jump chain, you should first handle tail tightening device to loose loose, go to the machine head.After handling the chain jump chain problem,And test whether the operation of motor and scraper is normal,Observe whether the jump chain problem of the equipment has been solved,Let me remind you what you need to be aware of,The problem of equipment must be solved urgently, prevent the occurrence of work security hidden trouble.
Motor temperature is too high,May be overloaded for a long time to run,Scraper chain is too tight,Three-phase unbalanced motor, motor bearing serious wear and tear, the motor is buried in coal or fan damage, affecting motor cooling,Should adjust the scraper chain tension degree, overhaul the motor.
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