Common failures and causes of buried scraper conveyors


1.Scraper chain breaks
The quality of the buried scraper conveyor chain is poor, that is the quality of the chain material and the welding process are not up to the standard, excessive coal loading or large pieces of coal press against the scraper, the average load and the large dynamic load repeatedly influence it, causing chain fatigue failure,the work surface is not straight,scraper chute is not straight, underground corrosive water makes the chain ring corrosion to reduce the chain section, then the strength is reduced, the chain is too tight, chain long-term friction with the central groove, sprocket, so that the chain section diameter is reduced, lead to the strength reduce.
2.Chain floats
The chain scraper conveyor is uneven and not straight, causing a groove, the chain of the scraper is too tight and the coal is pushed to the side of the chute,so the chain of the scraper runs on the coal,the scraper is missing and the bending is too much, the scraper chain is stuffed with vermiculite.
3.Chain of scraper chain sprocket falls
The head is not correct, the second section of the head is not flat or the base is uneven,the sprocket wear exceeds the limit or bites into the sundries, the elasticity of the two chains is inconsistent and the squeegee is heavily skewed,the squeegee is too thin or excessively curved.
4. Scraper chain is outside the slot
The chain conveyor reducer is uneven, the upper drum is concave, excessively curved, the lengths of the two chains are different, so that the scraper is skewed,the chute wears badly,the scraper is excessively bent and the two chain distances are short.
5.Reducer overheating, oil leakage and noise is not normal
Excessive gear wear, poor meshing, improper repair and assembly, bearing damage or squeezing shaft, too little or too much oil, poor oil quality, poor cooling, poor heat dissipation, damage to sealing rings, loose bearing surfaces, bearing caps loose bolts,improper installation of couplings, loosening of the screws at the corners, overloading operation,poor meshing of gears, severe wear or damage of gears, and metallic debris in the box.
6. Sprocket assembly overheats, oil leaks
The seal is damaged, the lubricating oil is not clean, the bearing is damaged, the amount of oil is insufficient, the seal ring is damaged or the oil seal is damaged, the gland or the pressure plate bolt is loose, the seal ring is improperly installed, the fit is not tight, and the roller screw plug is loose.
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