Common failures and solutions for Chain Bucket elevator


Chain bucket elevator is a kind of vertical lifting equipment widely used in industrial and mining products, chemical processing and production, grain processing and feed processing. It has the advantages of high elevation, stability, small area and good tightness, suitable for carrying powdery and small bulk materials.
The following are common failures and solutions for chain type bucket elevator
(1)Because bucket elevator shell inside angle steel guide rail is not precisely finished, guide rail inlet without guiding circular arc, combined with the orbit of single nut fastening bolt looseness, it will lead to guide and plate chain's resistance. If not treated timely, it can lead to bucket deformation, even the equipment accident such as chain fracture.
(2)Due to material has too much water, when buckets return, the remaining material will be fed into the pit. If the elevator outlet is blocked, the material in the bucket will be poured into the pit. Thus it will cause material accumulation in the pit. Material level meter at the end, the (proximity switch) has a poor sensitivity to the detection of granular materials, and it is not able to accurately and timely show the material level in the pit to control the feeding.
Therefore, when the chain bucket lifting machine conveying the hard large particles such as limestone, reducer foundation deformation may happen.
Handling and protect measures:
(1)When installation,we must ensure chain bucket elevator head and tail parallel and vertical,
prevent chain running off track. After well adjust the angle steel guide rail with circular arc, dual nuts are fastened or welded on the wall to prevent guide rails loosening.
(2)Control material water, particle size and flow, make sure the outlet is unblocked, so as to minimize the remaining material in the bucket and accumulated material in the pit.
(3)Before chain bucket elevator feeding material and after stopping operation, 5 minutes to 10 minutes non-load operation should be carried out to ensure there is no blockage, no remaining material.
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