Common failures of belt type bucket elevator


 Common failures of belt type bucket elevator include material block, material return too much, belt deviation, belt slip and other problems. Another situation is that the capacity can not reach the requirement. However, the main problem is material block problem caused by material return too much as well as belt deviation problem.
There are many reasons that can cause the bucket elevator failures, such as long time running make the belt loose, head and tail wheel are not parallel, belt aging as well as material feeding deflection will cause the belt deviation.
Different reasons have different solutions, so first we need to clarify the cause bucket elevator failure. The machine maintenance personnel can adjust the screw or the counterweight device at the base accordingly. For the large scale bucket elevator, we can also adjust the adjusting drum at the bottom of casing body, so as to reach the proper adjustment to the belt deviation. However, the specific steps depend on the specific cause of the failure.

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