Common Faults and Handling Measures of Ring Chain Bucket Elevator


The failures of the TH-type ring chain bucket elevator are mostly due to the unreasonable design position of the bottom bearing, poor maintenance and adjustment of the tensioning device, unclear repair quality standards, unclear wear quality of the chain and sprocket wheel slot, and uneven feeding,the lincomprehension of each parts function, poor control of the moisture content of the material and other reasons.
1.Bucket back damages
Regularly inspect the wear of the sprocket friction surface. When it is found that the link hook is in contact with the sprocket bottom groove, the sprocket rim should be dismantled in time. The removed sprocket can be used as a spare part for reusing the outer rim of the rim and the outer circle of the wheel (the bottom of the groove), but it should be noted that if the diameter of the rim is too small, the bucket speed will be reduced,so the capacity also will be reduced.
2.Bottom sprocket wheel bearing damages fast and shaft wears
Pay attention to the change of body casing dimension along the sprocket shaft direction. When the size increases beyond 3mm, it should be repaired and in time. The deviation should be less than 3mm (see the instruction manual for the standard size of the TH type bucket lifting equipment casing for various specifications).
3.Bucket Elevator chain derails and chain hook breaks
When replacing the chain, the chain should be selected for equal length sections and replaced in pairs. When matching, two sections of chain can be hung on a horizontal fixed round roller, which is regarded as a pair of flat bottom ends of the two chains. When the chain rings and chain hook sections are rubbed off 1/3, they should be replaced in time,during overhaul, ensure that the remaining amount of tensioning stroke is more than 5%, in order to determine the number of cut chains, and to ensure the quality of the accessories for the chain and chain hooks; to eliminate and prevent material jams in time.
4. TH-type bucket elevator bottom occurs material jam
Keep the clearance between the adjusting slide plate and the outer edge of the hopper within 1-20mm; when increasing the depth of the bucket, changing the shape of the bucket, and reducing the distance between the buckets, the hopper should be unloaded and checked for hopper size and shape, and the bucket distance and shaft rotary speed, sprocket diameter and other factors related to the design has been verified, so the general adjustment of the size of the bucket, shape, bucket spacing is very small, should not be arbitrarily changed; don’t ignore the role of backstop and should pay attention to maintenance and timely repairs.
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