Common faults and solution for vibrating screen


1.The vibrating screen can’t be started up or the amplitude is too small. Check the electrical motor and other components whether they are damaged or not, and whether the voltage is insufficient or not,if there is no problem in these three aspects,then check the machine, whether the material on the screen surface has accumulated too much or not,then clear it.Whether the exciter shakes the coupling bolts are fall off or not, and whether the grease are thickens and clumps, at this time please clean and inspect the exciter, and then properly adjust the position of the eccentric shaft weight block or the auxiliary eccentric block.
2.Abnormal material flow on the vibrating separator surface, one reason is the screen box are lack of stiffness,there is a critical frequency,the bolt has been loosened,even to the extent of full vibration,if so,fasten them.The second reason is that the horizontal level of the screen box is not accurately identified,check the supports and springs, change the springs or spring supports.If the screen box is not enough, the horizontal level will not be aligned, and the beam will be broken,if it is still running, the material flow will be abnormal. It may also be due to improper operation,it is also one of the reasons for the unbalanced feeding.
3.The screen quality of vibrating sieve is not good, the mainly reason is improper operation,which may result in clogging of the screen mesh, increase of fine particles in the material entering the screen, and increase of moisture, making the material layer on the screen too thick, uneven feeding and so on,it may be that the two sides of the screen are not pulled tightly,if the shaft is eccentrically vibrated, the belt may be weak in dragging, the belt may be too loose,and other mechanical problems may be solved. The reverse rotation may be performed for a period of time to improve the screening quality.
4.The rotary speed of vibration sieve is slow, and the bearing heats up,this shows that the usual maintenance did not keep up,the bearing lacks grease, and if it is newly added grease, it is the quality of the oil grease or the added mass is too full,the inferior oil grease makes the bearing obstructed, the labyrinth seal jams, so the quality of the grease is quite important.
5.The vibrating screen makes too much noise,the reason may be the bearing damaged,bolts loosen,the beam broken or spring broken,if bolts loosen,please screw down,in other three conditions,please change the components.
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