Common faults for gyratory screen


1.Gyratory screen body obliquity
Such as torsional vibration, the main reason with emphasis on block improper installation, shaft bending or bearing damage. For these trouble,we can make corresponding adjustments.
2.Material mixing
The main reason is caused by broken screen cloth, the screen body sealing etc. Solutions are replacing the screen mesh or hole filling, check the sealant.
3.Yield can not reach the requirement
The main reason is various, such as moisture content is too high, serious blockage of the mesh, mesh size does not meet the requirements, the speed is too low or the belt too slippery, feeding quantity is insufficient, bouncing ball wear serious. Solving method is to reduce the moisture, replacing the gyratroy screen mesh or replace the net cleaning system, check the pulley, adjust the belt tension, increase feed intake, replacing the bouncing ball.
4.Support frame fracture
The main reason is due to the support frame of life cycle, the long-term stress uneven or long time under torsion stress force to its elastic failure, which occurred in the fracture. So in the daily maintenance, on the support frame should be timely inspected.
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