Common Faults of Coal Vibrating Feeder


1.Abnormal coal vibration feeder running noise.Check and tighten the vibration motor installation bolts and other fasteners screw bolt;coal vibration feeder have the phenomenon of knocking against equipment around,adjust the installation of the hopper,ensure the gap between hopper bucket body and all round equipment are not less than 50 mm.
2.Feeding trial run can't meet the demand of production.Because the excitation force of vibration motor is small,the material humidity is very big,bonding influence on the speed of the material flow.Open the vibration motor end cover,adjust the angle of the eccentric block,increase the exciting force of vibration motor for coal vibration feeder,and ensure the exciting force of vibration motor at both ends are the same;reduce the size of the spherical roof, increase material flow channel area.
3.Fixed flange leakage.The reasons are that the sealing ring and sealing canvas damaged or tied unreliably.Replace the sealing ring and sealing canvas, and tie tightly.
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