Common problems and handle methods of belt bucket elevator


 Bucket elevator includes belt bucket elevator, plate chain bucket elevator, ring chain bucket elevator and so on. It’s farm products and food common use of vertical lifting equipment, have the large light.lifting stability, it has the advantages of small footprint and good sealing performance. It is suitable for lifting powder and small pieces of materials:
1.The head return charges serious
First,the hopper design is unreasonable, the material cannot be completely unloaded; Second , the bucket speed is lower, third , the head discharge height is not enough; forth,the discharge lip plate distance from the hopper lip gap is too large
2.The buckethead shaft rupture
First, the head shaft strength is not enough, there is no heat treatment or heat treatment temperature is not enough; second,the head shaft material is not reasonable; third , the head shaft design structure unreasonable ,third ,may be excessive steps to produce stress concentration; forth,the long term overload operation, caused fatigue fracture.
3.Hopper falls off
First, hopper strength is not enough, long-term operation is cut off; second, the hopper bolt looseness, third.,in operation of hopper card touching phenomenon; forth,the hopper after fastening bolts and nuts are not welded, caused by loose away.
4.Hopper wears seriously

First, the material grinding is strongly, the hopper lid material is not wear-resisting;second,the material granularity is bigger, the hopper cutting difficulty; third,hopper running speed is too high;forth ,the hopper operation has the card touch phenomenon
5.Bucket elevator tail material is stocking serious
First, bucket elevator inlet material asymmetry, casing in a stuffy car; second, bucket elevator lifting capacity cannot meet the demand; third, return material too much.
Treatment method:
1.Head shafts rupture.
First, we have to analyze the elevator whether long term overload operation, causing rupture. strict measures should be taken to avoid overloading phenomenon. Secondly, we look at the material and design of the structure makes sense. The head shaft material generally 45 steel or 40Cr, if the selection is not evenhanded, we can choose the better materials in the design of the structure, the transition step shaft should be processed fillet, avoid stress concentration, resulting in head shaft fracture. Finally, we should pay heed to the strength of the shaft head enough. This strength mainly depends on heat treatment. Head shaft heat treatment hardness should be in the range of HB220-260.
2.First, if material hopper wear resistance strongly, should take measures large wear proof material. Secondly, if the particle size is larger, often large bulk material, so unable to complete ascension. When this is the case, the material cannot be changed, we recommend to use the larger versions of the elevator or lift the material with a belt conveyor with angle. Finally, to see if the hopper has a card touch phenomenon in high speed operation. The method can be used with tracking to prevent card touch, at last reducing wear.
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