Common troubles and reasons of embedded scraper conveyor


Scraper conveyor is a conveyor block, granular and powdery granular material equipment. Because it has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, flexible process layout, saving installation space and other advantages, it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical, food and other industrial sectors. Buried scraper conveyor in operation due to improper operation or change the use condition of buried scraper conveyor is a closed casing, by moving scraper chain continuous conveying powder conveying equipment, particles and patches and other bulk materials. For airtight transportation, transportation is not very large, the layout is complex, requires more charging or discharging points etc. widely. They are used in coal, grain, chemical, metallurgy, mining, machinery, light industry, power, building materials, transportation and environmental protection departments.

1, broken scraper chain:
The poor quality of the chain, namely the chain material and welding quality standards; charging too much or has pressed coal scraper; the average load and larger dynamic load caused by repeated action of chain fatigue failure; working surface scraper scraping card, not straight, straight chute; underground water resistance corrosion of the chain link. Area decreases and the strength decreased; the chain chain tightly; long and middle groove, the chain sprocket friction, section diameter decreases, the strength decreased.
2, floating chain:
Conveyor uneven, not straight, there is a groove; scraper chain is too tight, pushing the coal to the side of the chute; scraper chain running on the coal; scraper missing, bending too much; scraper chain below the gangue
3, scraper chain sprocket off the chain:
The nose is not correct; the second section of the head is not smooth or the base is uneven; the sprocket is worn out of gauge or bite into the sundries; the tension of the two chains is inconsistent; the scraper is badly skewed; the scraper is too thin or too bent

4, scraper chain bottom chain outlet:
Buried scraper conveyor reducer itself not straight, concave on the drum, excessive bending; two chains of different lengths, the scraper chute skew; wear; scraper excessive bending, and the two chains from the short side.
5, the reducer overheating, oil leakage and noise is not normal:
The gear meshing is not good, excessive wear, repair damaged or improperly assembled bearing; axial; oil quantity is too little or too much, the oil is not clean, poor cooling, heat is not good; the sealing ring is damaged, with surface loose, each bearing cap bolts are loose coupling; improper installation angle screw loose, overload operation the gear meshing gear; not good, serious wear or damage; inside the metal debris.
6, sprocket assembly overheating, oil spills:
The seal is damaged, lubricating oil is not clean; bearing damage; oil shortage; seal ring damage or damage of the oil seal gland; or clamp bolt looseness; sealing ring with improper installation, not tight; drum plug loose.
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