Conventional Cutting Methods for Screw Blades of Screw Conveyor


Screw Conveyor, which is commonly known as twisted dragon, is a set of continuous conveying equipment which uses screw blades makes the materials do axial movement and push the materials forwards simultaneously.

Screw conveyor has advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost and convenient maintenance. It has been widely applied in various departments of the national economy. The main technical difficulty of the screw conveyor is the processing and cutting procedures of the screw blades.

screw blades from PK Mining Machinery

There are always two kinds of cutting methods:

One is the cold rolling forming method, the basic process is to pass the raw material steel strip through the tapered roll on cold rolling mill to form a continuous annular band, and then through the spiral duct device, it will become spiral blade which has left (right) rotation and certain pitch, this method is always suitable for lot production;

screw blades from PK Mining Machinery

About the cutting which is for non-batch production, it always uses the single blade welding method. The basic process is to cut the flat steel plate into a single ring with a notch, and press it into a single spiral blade (a pitch) on the mold, then welding the single blades on the center shaft manually to form a continuous blade, it has simple process and often used for grain and oil, feed enterprises.

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screw blades from PK Mining Machinery

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