Cause Analysis of Conveyed Materials Heaping on Screen Mesh of Vibrating Screen


Vibrating screen, which has features of high precision, low noise, large capacity, is widely used in food, chemical, metallurgical, mining and other industries. But there will be conveyed materials stacking during operation, so we analyze this issue as follows based on the experience of production and screening technology in many years:
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK mining machienry

1)Firstly what we need to consider is how to select the mesh size. There will be a low materials permeability if the mesh size is too small, causing the materials which could have passed while staying and blocking on the screen mesh of the vibrating screen.
2)Check whether the screen mesh and the discharge outlet are in the same horizontal plane or not. In the normal conditions, the screen mesh and discharge outlet should be in same horizontal plane or the screen mesh can be 5mm higher than the discharge outlet. On the contrary, the discharging will not be smooth if the outlet is higher than the screen mesh of the vibration screen machine.
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK mining machinery

3)Check whether the ground that the vibration screen is placed on is flat and the placement of the vibration screen machine is steady or not. Avoid the discharge outlet being too high to influence the motion trajectory of conveyed materials granule, resulting in materials moving and heaping to one side.
4)If the screen mesh is loose without tensed tension, the materials will gather, resulting in materials congestion and not moving forward.
linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK mining machinery

5)The materials accumulation will happen as well if installation angle of drive motor cannot be adjusted suitably,especially for the rotary vibrating screen. The smaller the included angle of the eccentric block on the vibration motor is, the faster the materials spread out on the surface of the screen mesh. Conversely, the material spreads out slowly. In order to achieve the best sieving effect, we can adjust the eccentric block included angle of the vibration motor according to the different materials characteristics. We can extend or shorten its stay time on the screen mesh of the vibrating screen by changing the materials motion trajectory.

linear vibrating screen fabricated by PK mining machinery

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