Conveyor Pulley Surface Coating Types Introduction


As we all know, belt conveyor pulley plays an important role in belt conveyor:
1. Transmitting traction for belt conveyor;
2. Changing direction of the conveyor belt;
3. Increasing the friction etc.
Pulley surface coating not only can protect the conveyor belt from debris hurt ,but also increase the friction between the conveyor belt and pulley, ensure normal conveyor operation.
There are 3 types of surface coating which we commonly used:
1,smooth surface coating;
2,herringbone coating,
3,diamond coating.
Usually, smooth surface coating is used for bend pulley, which can increase the service life, reduce the friction between conveyor belt and pulley cylinder, then the pulley surface will not be corroded by material.
Herringbone coating is commonly used for the transmission pulley, since the transmission pulley drives running of conveyor, strong friction will generate on the transmission pulley, so we adopt herringbone coating. Herringbone coating is suitable for conveying material in one way.
While the diamond coating can be applied to the reversible belt conveyor, which can realize the unloading material bidirectionally.
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