Conveyor Rubber belt Joint Methods


Conveyor Rubber belt Joint Methods
The most common joint methods of belt conveyor are mechanical joint, cold bonding joint and heat vulcanization joint. Here PK Machinery will discuss three different joint methods with you.
Mechanical joint
This joint method is to use belt fastener to connect belt. The most obvious advantages are convenient and economical. But this method has lower efficiency and it’s very easy to damage and reduce lifespan of conveyor belt. To connect PVC anti-flaming and anti-static belt, it’s very universal to adopt this kind of method if the conveyor belt grade is less than 8.
Cold bonding joint
This joint method adopts binding agent to connect belt. It has higher efficiency than mechanical joint. What’s more, it can save investment cost. But in fact, due to the uncontrollable technological conditions and quality of binding agent, this kind of method is not very stable.
Heat vulcanization joint
It has been found that this joint method is the most ideal way to connect belt.It can not only guarantee the joint efficiency and stability, but also can be easy to master and prolong lifespan of belt. But it also has disadvantages with troublesome technology, high cost, long joint operation time, etc.
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