Daily Maintenance and Care of Electric Drum


Electric drum provides driving source for belt conveyor and bucket elevator, widely used in mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, building materials, electric power, light industry, food and transportation departments.
Here we will introduce daily maintenance and care as follows:
1, check the surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage, cable condition for routine inspection before each start-up in order to create conditions for the normal operation.
2, the new motorized pulley should inching start, then gradually transferred to normal operation, after running for 10 minutes,then inspect the whole machine vibration, noise, and the running parts of the temperature rise.
3, if the electric drum cylinder occurs oil leakage, check two parts: one is the seal, there is wear or deformation, if invalid or out of shape, seal should be replaced timely; second is the outlet channel cannot be blocked, dust,dirt and debris, should be removed as soon as possible to ensure the smooth access.
4, regular inspection drum oil surface height is an important part of daily maintenance, the oil level is one of the conditions to ensure the normal operation, check the method can be used in the description of the method introduced in the examination.
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