Daily Maintenance and Recondition of Circular Vibrating Screen


Daily inspection and maintenance of circular vibrating screen
1.Seriously checking the holding screw whether is loose,if loosing,please screw drawn.
2.Checking the whole circuit whether have abrasion,use vibration proof cable when change the electric wire.
3.Checking the motor whether have abnormal noise and abnormal heating,the maximum temperature of motor bearing parts is higher 40℃ than the environment temperature,if it’s abnormal,please add lubricating oil(Shell 3# lithium base grease),or change the bearing,the installation and maintenance of motor must be carried by professional man.
4.Checking the scree sieve is tight or not,please change it if broken.
5.Please clean the screen machine after using.

Screen sieve changing process
1.If the screen sieve was broken,please loose the holding bolts,remove the sealing,holding bolts,then take down the screen sieves.
2.After that,change the new screen sieves,according the inverted order of last step,note,the sieve must be smooth and firm.
Maintenance of circular vibrating screen
1.Add lubricating oil twice per week(Shell 3# lithium base grease)
2.Minor repair the equipment once per 3 months,heavy repair once per 6-12 months,checking the motor,the fastener,separate the vibrator and clean it,checking the bearing,please change it if have serious abrasion.
3.Checking the cable timely(change the cable once per three months)

The common malfunction and solution
1.The circular vibrating screen can’t be start or amplitude is too small,in this condition,please checking the circuit whether has disconnection,the motor whether was damaged,or whether has damaged unit in the circuit,checking the voltage is normal or not,if no problem,then checking the mechanical parts,checking whether there are much material on the sieve surface,if yes,clean it,checking the bolts whether was fall off from the vibrator,the lubricating oil whether is agglomerate,in this condition,please clean the vibrator and maintain,then adjust the eccentric block location.
2.The moving trajectory of material on the screen sieve surface is abnormal,it because the rigidity of screen box is not enough,exist critical frequency,the connection bolts is loose,then screw drawn it,another reason is the screen box is not on the right level,checking the support frame and vibrating spring,if exist problem,please change spring or correct the support size.
3.Screening effect is not well,the reason may be misoperation,or the mesh was blocked by material,or uneven feeding,or the screen sieve was not be tighten,if it’s axis eccentric vibrating,maybe the driving belt is powerless,the belt is too loose,etc.
4.The rotary speed of circular become slow,the bearing generating,it means that the user didn’t do a good maintenance,the bearings are lack of lubricating oil,if it’s new lubricating oil,the quality of lubricating oil is not good or the oil is overfull,inferior oil make the bearing sealing blocked,so the quality of lubricating oil is very important.
5.If the noise of circular vibrating screen is serious,it may be the bearing damaged,the screw bolts are loose,the beam broken and spring damaged,only the bolts could be screwed drawn,other condition need to change the parts. 
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