Daily Maintenance for Buried Scraper Conveyor


In order to ensure the buried scraper conveyor work well,and realize its the best performance,the user must maintain the machine according to the relevant requirement.
1.The inspection of work shift
a.Visual inspection,to inspect the middle groove is straight and smooth or not,the cable is unwounded.
b.Visual inspection for the parts,such as scraper chain,chain wheel,coupling are unwounded.
c.Visual inspection for the electrical equipment
d.Clean the dust which on the head,tail of the scraper conveyor,the reducer and coupling cover,to easy to heat dissipation
e.Adjust the position of the scraper and reversed loader to get the best working condition
f.Check the fastener is completed or not.
2.Daily inspection of scraper conveyor
a.Repeatedly do the No.1 inspection
b.Checking the oil level,oil temperature,the oil temperature should not be exceed 1000℃
c.Checking the tension force of the scraper chain is proper or not
d.Checking the derailleur,avoid the inclined,chain lock phenomenon.
e.The shaft temperature of head and tail of machine should not exceed 900℃.
f.Checking the reducer and coupling whether have oil leakage phenomenon

3.Weekly inspection of scraper conveyor
a.Repeatedly do the No.2 inspection
b.Checking the driving parts is safe and reliable or not,no damaged,check the fastener and screw it,change the damaged parts.
c.Checking the load description on the conveyor head and tail are balanced,if the current description has 10% difference,adjust the load to balanced.
4.Monthly inspection of scraper conveyor
a.Repeatedly do the No.3 inspection
b.Extract a segment of chain,check the extend elongation,if the extend elongation reach or exceed 0.25% of the previous length,please change new chain.
5.Quarterly inspection of scraper conveyor
a.Repeatedly do the No.4 inspection
b.Check the coupling whether has leakage,check the resilient bushing.
6.Half-yearly inspection of scraper conveyor
a.Repeatedly do the No.5 inspection
b.Clean the oil of the reducer,clean the gear teeth,bearing parts,check the gear,bearing whether have been damaged,after maintenance and assembly,add the new oil into the reducer.
c.Check the motor bearing and insulation resistance are well.
7.If the scraper conveyor working is seasonal,during the stopping time,please check and maintain it.drop some #10 machine oil into the chain pin roll and chain plate,to avoid can’t work due to rust,if conveying grain material,please drop in some cooking oil.
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