Damageable Screw Conveyor Parts Analysis about Screw Conveyor


Screw conveyor is one of the common conveyors, it main used for cement, grain, chemical, medicine industry. Its structure is simple, and the arrangement is flexible on sites. it can work alone, also can work unite with many sets, so it has a widely application. But due to the structural property, its service life is relevant with the conveyed materials, so changing spare screw conveyor parts for screw conveyor is an important work. About the screw conveyor, what damageable parts are included usually?

1.Screw conveyor blades

Screw conveyor blades are as the parts which directly contacts with the materials, it rotates continuously during working, which leads to the continuous friction. So the spiral blades sustain a high wear rate, it’s one of the most important damageable screw conveyor parts. Besides, the materials residues also generate oxide etch to the screw conveyor blades, so the screw conveyor blades are the necessary parts.

Damageable Screw Conveyor Parts Analysis about Screw Conveyor

2.Screw shaft

For screw conveyor, the screw shaft is also a damageable screw conveyor part. In fact, the screw shaft is not easy to get damaged, but the screw shaft was welded with the screw conveyor blades, so the screw shaft life is limited by the spiral blades. Once changing the screw conveyor blades, the screw shaft would also be changed.


The bearings are divided into head bearing, tail bearing and middle hanger bearing. The service life of head bearing and tail bearing is longer than middle hanging bearing because the middle hanging bearing was installed inside the screw conveyor, it directly contacts with the conveyed materials, the working environment is intricate, leading to its short service life.

Damageable Screw Conveyor Parts Analysis about Screw Conveyor


Motor is the drive device of screw conveyor, the maintenance cost is high. Many users increase the feeding materials in order to increase the capacity, which leads to the screw conveyor overload running, that is, the motor will also be overloaded. In this condition, the motor will be damaged soonest.

The other condition is the outdoor screw conveyor, if we don’t protect the motor, the motor will be wiring aging because of the wind,rain and sunshine. Finally, the motor will don’t work.

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