The Function of Damping Spring used by our Vibrating Screen


The damping spring is considered as a spare part which used to reduce the vibration of the vibrating screen that created by the vibrating motor. It is widely use in the vibrating machine. It can used to control the amplitude of the vibrating screen. Besides, damping spring helps to save the energy usage and measure the force that created by the vibration motor. Most of the damping spring is made of the galvanized spring steel; hence, it is rust resistance and always flexible. That is why the damping spring has long life span. 

On the other hand, by adjusting the position of the spring pedestal, the adjustment of the screen surface angle can be achieved. The screening efficiency is related to the springs’ performance. Therefore, there are some conditions that need to take note while choosing the damping spring:

1.The design of the damping spring must according to the types of the materials used, the working environment and conditions, as well as the quantity of the materials used.

2.If rubber spring is used, the degree of bonding between the metal and the rubber must be take note in order to avoid the concentration of the surface adhesive stress. 

3.Regular maintenance and replacement of the damping spring is needed.

4.Appropriate size and materials that used to made rubber spring is very important. When the screening machine is working, force will be created and this cause the rubber spring to consume the energy. Once this happened, the energy that consumed will be converted to heat energy. This will reduce the performance of the rubber spring as rubber is a poor heat conductor. 

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