Design Calculation of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Notice


The selection of the major data is related to the reliable implement of system function and safe production of conveyor equipment, thus, we should consider them in the first place during the design and calculation about corrugated sidewall conveyor.
1.Belt speed
Belt speed not only impacts the transport capacity and driven power of the conveyor system but also impacts selecting conveyor roller and conveyor belt,etc. For corrugated sidewall conveyor, the running speed also influence the stability of materials transferring.
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by  Henan PK ming machinery industry
2.Friction coefficient
The friction coefficient of corrugated sidewall conveyor directly impact the driven power, belt strength and reverse stop torque. Compared with common belt conveyor, corrugated sidewall conveyor adopt deep trough roller group and other device, therefore, we shall consider to choose a bigger friction coefficient when calculating the rated condition.
3.Safety factor of conveyor belt
The perniciousness of belt breakage accident in sidewall belt conveyor is bigger than that in horizontal belt conveyor. Therefore, the safety factor of the conveyor belt should take a bigger one. However, it is inappropriate to take a safety factor that is much too big, because picking a bigger safety factor means you need to adopt high strength conveyor belt. The bigger conveyor belt strength is, the larger the conveyor belt thickness is and so is the transverse rigidity, but the troughability would be even worse and it cannot guarantee the conveyor belt clamping materials effectively once it goes beyond the limit.
corrugated sidewall conveyor produced by  Henan PK ming machinery industry
4.Droop of conveyor belt
The bigger droop of corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is, the bigger belt angle into roller group is, which make the materials on it more unstable. So we shall pick a relative small droop value when calculating. Of course, this value cannot be too small, or it will increase belt strength and impact the troughability.
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