Design considerations about corrugated sidewall conveyor


Corrugated sidewall conveyor is continuous materials handling equipment which uses special belt with corrugated sidewall and horizontal cleats for loading and unloading materials horizontally, aslant or vertically such as bulk material, lump material, etc. Vertical cleats sidewall conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, power plant, port, etc.
The most obvious feature of inclined sidewall belt conveyor is using corrugated sidewall belt instead of ordinary conveyor belt. As for its working principle and structure, it is the same as the universal conveyor belt machine, but there are some points we should pay attention to when design and purchase it as the following:
1.Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor can work in the 0 ° ~ 90 ° inclination angle, but it should adopt the coverage belt when the conveying angle is more than 70 degrees, it can increase the capacity, also prevent damage of the base belt from the leakage.
2.Base belt: the base belt is mainly subjected to the tension during the operation, it plays an important role in the use effect. If the rigidity is small, there will be lateral deformation of the belt and cause a material sprinkling. Generally, the number of the cores is at least 6 layers.

corrugated sidewall conveyor
3.Requirements about the drum for the corrugated sidewall conveyor machine are much higher than the common belt conveyor machine, it uses a larger drum comparing with the same model of the belt conveyor.
4.Cleats and sidewall: the height of the sidewall, the space among the cleats and the effective belt width should designed according to the capacity and the materials property.
Steeply sidewall belt conveyor is usually used to transport powder, granular, bulk material, paste and liquid materials which is easy to disperse. It has the advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance, also has the characteristics like steeply conveying, compact structure, small footprint, so it is a optimal equipment for large angle inclination conveying and vertical lifting.

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