Design Requirements of Screw Conveyor Part-Hanger Bearings


The hanger bearing is the major screw conveyor part of the screw conveyor. Screw shaft of the screw conveyor is manufactured by sections according to the length of the whole machine body(1.5-3.5m long in each section), and the segmented screw shafts are connected together by the hanger bearings, and each section of the screw shaft is required to be consistent of the concentric positioning, to overcome the excessive deflection of screw shaft during conveying.

Design requirements of screw conveyor part-hanger bearings

Due to that there exist the joints of the screw conveyor blades in the hanger bearing, it lost the drive force for the materials here when transporting, then the materials will pile up at the joint, and the retaining materials will be pushed forward when the materials back flow continuously.

The hanger bearings of screw conveyor blades should comply with the following specifications and requirements when designing:

Design requirements of screw conveyor part-hanger bearings

1)Reduce the cross-section of hanger bearings in the conveyor casings so as to ensure there will be little materials heaping up at the position of hanger bearings, that is, small materials transporting resistance and then materials could be transported smoothly.

2)Control the width of the hanger bearing, the size must comply with product specification data. We should control the intermittent length of screw conveyor blades on the screw shaft and reduce the accumulation of materials. Then the screw conveyor will be in the right running condition.

3)Take measures to ensure that the hanger bearing is sealed well and dust-proof, preventing its lubrication failure.

Design requirements of screw conveyor part-hanger bearings

4)The lubricants for the bearings cannot overflow so as not to contaminate the transported materials.

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