Development History and Trend of Screw Conveyor


product-inspection-display-of-screw-conveyor1. Development history of screw conveyor
1) The development of screw conveyor can be divided into two process, shaft type auger conveyor and shaftless type auger conveyor.
a. Shaft type auger conveyor consists of screw, U type trough, cover plate, inlet, outlet and drive device, which has three types of installation mode, horizontal, inclined and vertical mounting.
b. Shaftless type auger conveyor uses shaftless spiral blade to replace screw, and U type trough is equipped with replaceable lining. The structure of shaftless type auger conveyor is simple, the material is fed into inlet and moving towards outlet by spiral blades. The whole conveying process is made in a fully closed trough.
2) GX type auger conveyor is appeared in early phase of screw conveyor and is the earliest universal equipment in China. It mainly transports powdery, granular and small lumpy material, and is not suitable to convey perishable, viscous, easily caked and large chunks of material, because these material are easy to bond on the spiral blades, or block at the position of hanger bearing, which will cause inconvenience to the transportation process. The advantages of GX screw conveyor are energy-saving, low consumption, dust prevention, good sealing, low noise, well-adapted, easy operation and maintenance, flexible arrangement of the positions of inlet and outlet. The disadvantages are huge power consumption, quick wearing of conveyor parts, serious material crushing in the transportation process.
3) LS type auger conveyor is new generation of screw conveyor, which is designed and improved on the basis of GX type auger conveyor. The advantages are novel structure, reliable performance, advanced technology, wide range of application, significant energy saving and consumption reducing.
2. Development trend of screw conveyor
1) Large capacity, high speed and long service life.
2) Low energy consumption. Most of the energy for screw conveyor is spent on abrasion.
3) Intelligent development. The future auger conveyor should be closely connected with computer. It will be suitable for program control and intelligent operation. The material handling, equipment installation and maintenance should be intelligent management.
4) Screw conveyor can be curved transportation.
5) Combined, compound and large-scale transportation mode. Screw conveyors are co-used with various kinds of continuous conveying equipments to finish complicated material handling. Large-scale transportation includes large capacity, the length of single conveyor and high angle conveying, etc.
6) To expand the scope of application. At present, the usage range of auger conveyor is restricted. The scope of application should be expanded, to design the auger conveyors that can be operated in corrosive, radioactive, flammable material environment in the condition of high and low temperatures, as well as the conveyors which can transport molten, explosive, easily coking and viscous materials.
7) To design auger conveyor using environmental awareness, and reduce the pollution to achieve the goal of green design.
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