Drag Chain Scraper Conveyor Selection Principle


Drag chain scraper conveyor consists of enclosed cross-section of the casing, scraper chain, driving device, tension device, safety protection device and other components. As it is good in sealing, can improve working conditions, reduce environmental pollution when transport dust, high temperature, toxic, flammable and explosive materials. The casing width is 160-1250mm.
The buried scraper conveyor has the following requirements for the material:
(1) the loose density of materials: p=0.2~2.5t/m3
(2) the general model is applicable to the material temperature is less than 120 degrees C; the temperature of the hot material conveying material is 100~450 degrees C, instantaneous material temperature allows to reach 800 degrees C.
(3)the moisture content is related to material size, viscosity, which should be loose when fall down to the ground after hand knead dough.
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