Driving Unit Configuration for Bucket Elevator


As we know,different types of bucket elevator adopt different driving unit, reasonable driving unit can save much cost and promise a good running effect, the main type is as below:
1. Direct connection
This type means the gear motor directly connects with the driving shaft. Among all driving types, this type has smallest space requirement, it doesn’t need installation platform and coupling, etc., the structure is very compact, for this reason, the weight is light. Direct connection for vertical bucket elevator is suitable for small power (less than 22kw), small lifting height (less than 30 meters).
2. Motor+Reducer
This type is a common used type, it needs installation platform, coupling, etc., so the space required is larger than the first one, but this type has a very stable performance, and for the large power and high lifting height, this type is an ideal option. What’s more, the price is not expensive, and it can help customer to inspect and maintain the vertical bucket elevator.
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