Dust removal method and application of Reversible Belt Conveyor


1.Umbrella cover
Setting a large umbrella cover on the top of discharging point of bunker,and install the switch valve on the air pipe of each umbrella cover,there is no any enclosed facilities on the bunker and conveyor.When the reversible belt conveyor discharge the material into one of the bunkers,then open the corresponding valve,then the umbrella cover collect the dust.This method could collect a certain amount of dust,but due to the umbrella cover is far away from the top plane of bunker,and there is no enclosed facilities,so although it have a large air volumn,the result is not very good,besides,it have many valves,the valves is easy to be out of controlled.
2.Large airtight room
Make a airtight room at the head and tail of the conveyor,make them to be a long and narrow airtight room.there install a exhaust opening on the top of each bunker discharging point,and make a negative micro-pressure in the enclosed cover,there are switch valve at each exhaust opening.When discharging,open one or several valve which near the discharging point,to collect the dust,this method could effectively control the dust escape,with a good dust removal effect.The defect is there are much dust in the airtight room,the view is not good,and dust heap up a thick layer on the ground,the conveyor working in the dust environment,it’s easy to cause the component speed up wear,it take much trouble to the inspector and operator,besides,the valves are too many,and continually opening and stopping,easy to fail to work.
3.Induced draft in the bunker

Setting 1~2 exhaust openings on the top plane or side wall of each bunker,include control valve,install partial sealing cover at the head and tail parts of conveyor,install enclosed rubber curtain,when conveyor discharging on the bunker,open the corresponding exhaust opening,then collect the dust.This method is common,the dust collecting result is good,but if the conveyor discharging between two bunker,due to only open one exhaust opening,the dust collect effect is decline,besides,for some old mining factories,because the workshop is small,the bunkers have already been used completely,if use this method,the exhaust opening is blocking because dust is full of the bunker,then the dust collect effect is decline.
4.Setting induced draft with fixed point on the belt conveyor
Install the sealing cover at the head and tail parts of belt conveyor,also install the rubber curtain,the top of sealing cover connect a segment of air pipe,and install interface unit at another side of the air pipe,set a fixed joint on the top of conveyor longitudinal axis center line,these fixed joint are parallel with air pipe,when the conveyor discharge material,the interface unit is communicate with the fixed joint,then start to collect dust.This method with a good dust collecting effect,but it only suitable for the fixed discharging point working.
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