Introduction of Equipment Performance of Tube Screw Conveyor


Tube screw conveyor is mainly used for concrete mixing station to transport cement, fly ash materials, but also for chemical, metallurgical, granary processing, warehousing and other places, today PK Machinery will tell you about the equipment performance of tube screw conveyor.
1. High efficiency: Tube screw conveyor uses a new type of suspension hanging crane frame which can increase materials handling space and reduce the logistics resistance, with small diameter, high speed, variable pitch and other design to ensure smooth, fast and uniform feeding.
2.Random layout: cement screw conveyor uses high-quality seamless steel pipe as its shell, the flange will connect the whole section which can realize the continuous transmission whether it is horizontal or large dip. Cement tube screw conveyor can be directly connected with the ancillary equipment fixed, without foundation, makes full use of space, and its disassembly is very convenient.
tube screw conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery industry,.
3.Diversification of the joint: inlet and outlet can be contacted by flange connection, bag connection, bag boom connection, universal connection and other forms.
4. Reliable sealing: the connection of the shell tube sets up a anti-seepage device, the process hole has also been carefully improved to avoid the rain in this tube screw conveyor system.
5. No need to add oil: due to the use of a new intermediate bearing material, it is both anti-friction, wear-resisting and self-lubricating, even if long-term span without adding lubricants.
6.Special reducer: The reducer design of cement tube screw conveyor is advanced and reasonable with advantages of small size, light weight, large torque, fast speed, no oil, no noise and also has a retaining structure. It can be applied to the thrust transmission in large angle. 
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