Essential Things To Know About Operation of Long Distance Belt Conveyor


Your workplace could become a dangerous environment if you handle the operation of the belt conveyor wrongly. In most workplace, it is necessary to follow the safety guidelines of the operation for the well-being of the operators as well as the conveying belt machine. Here is some guideline that you ought to follow when operating a conveyor belt.
1. The installation of the fixed belt conveyor should follow stipulation in which installation to be done on fixed foundation.
2. Before the operation of the fixed belt conveyor, inspect all the belt buckles and carrying device to ensure it is functional. Besides that, the belt tension also needs to be adjusted to maintain normal tension.
3. The temperature of the working environment of the belt conveyor and the conveying material should be between -10 ͦ C to 50 ͦ C.
4. When there are several conveyors running together, please start the machines from the discharge sides and only add in materials after all conveyors run normally. Bear in mind that the belt conveyor should be non-load starting, the materials can only be feed in after conveyors run normally.
5. All materials should be discharged completely before stopping the belt conveyor machine.
6. Do not push the belt conveyor by hand when skidding happens to prevent unnecessary accident.
6. Always ensure the driving motor is in good insulation condition.
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