Existing Problems of Hanger Bearings of Screw Conveyor Part


Hanger bearing is one important spare part of the screw conveyor part.

1. Hanger bearing of screw conveyor is configured with oil charging hole. Regular oiling can assure rolling bearing and bearing bush work normally in the condition of lubrication. Due to the size restriction, oil storage space of hanger bearing(screw conveyor part) is small and it must be often oiled.

2. Materials transportation must overcome the friction between conveyed materials and screw conveyor part-conveyor casing and screw conveyor blades. The spiral blades are disconnected at the location of hanger bearing, so the gap is existed. When the materials are conveyed and extruded towards hanger bearing, the materials, such as crushed particles and powder will go into the gap. If the oiling and cleaning maintenance are not done frequently, it will lead to the lubrication failure, and then, the malfunction of hanger bearing.

Existing Problems of Hanger Bearings of Screw Conveyor Part

3.Due to the existence of gap in hanger bearing(screw conveyor part), excessive oiling will lead to lubrication overflow, and contaminate the materials. In this case, felt or labyrinth seal can be placed into the hanger bearing to prevent the powder and dust extruding into the body of hanger bearing.

The seal effect of labyrinth seal is better than that of felt gland packing, but the structure of labyrinth seal has axial and radial contact clearance. The lubrication failure and the malfunction of hanger bearing(screw conveyor part)will be caused by the invading powder and dust in the clearance.

Existing Problems of Hanger Bearings of Screw Conveyor Part

In brief, the structure of hanger bearing mentioned above depends on lubrication system and dust-proof seal, which are both limited to the circumstance,can't assure the normal service life and prevent the materials contamination resulted from lubrication overflow. Thus, the quality of hanger bearing (screw conveyor part)is the main cause of screw conveyor malfunction.

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