Explosion Safety Protection Device for Bucket Elevator


Generally speaking, it’s really necessary to install safety protection device on bucket elevator so as to ensure safe and normal operation. Now, what is the significant inspection standard for equipment quality is that to minimize or completely eliminate all kinds of risks. According to structure of bucket elevator, there are many kinds of safety protection device. We can divide the devices into the following protection devices based on their function: explosion safety protection device, running deviation safety protection device, overload, speed measurement and reversion protection device.
Here we will mainly introduce the explosion safety protection device. Because working components of bucket elevator and material running speed are relatively fast, also they are running in the sealing casing, if there are many dusts in materials, it will cause high dust contained. In the grain industry, materials always contain many flammable organic dusts, once dust content is too high, it maybe blast when meeting open-flame. Therefore, both design and application of bucket elevator must consider the explosion precaution.
Main measure: Please leave a dust collection hole on the bucket elevator head drive. If conveying materials will cause dust explosion, at this time please open the dust collection hole, install dust collector and reduce dust concentration to make it without any necessary explosion conditions.
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