Fabrication Technology and Quality Control for Belt Conveyor Roller


Regarding the belt conveyor,the common spare parts are belt conveyor roller, belt and bend pulley, among which the rollers take up a great proportion, so an impeccable roller fabrication technology and quality control system is very important. Here is the details introduction about idler roller fabrication technology and quality control as follows:
belt conveyor roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
1.Cutting material pipe
During the progress of cutting steel pipe, we need to not only keep the pipe length within a certain tolerance,but also keep the chamfering angle even. If the chamfering angle is uneven,it will lead to the center line of the incision is not anastomotic with pipe center line, which makes diameter runout error increase. Besides,if the material pipe for conveyor belt roller length is longer than the drawing required length,the shaft extending segment from the pipe will reduce, which the roller may not be assembled to the roller bracket.
2.Turning the neck for bearing block
The main control element for this process is neck thickness. The deepness of the neck is too deep or too shallow, which will lead to bearing block installation being on the incorrect position, causing a big rotational friction to the belt conveyor belt idlers. If the diameter of the rabbet is bigger than drawing required diameter, it will result the both sides bearing block of the roller are not homocentric, which will also cause a large rotational drag to the trough belt roller. If the diameter of the rabbet is smaller than drawing required diameter,it will give rise to the bearing block incapable of being mounted.
belt conveyor idler fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
The condition that welding current is too large or too small will result in unsymmetrical welding. Like rough weld joint, weld joint pore, solder skips, welding overlap ,etc, which has a big impact to the belt conveyor roller lifespan.
4.Press fitting for bearing and bearing block
If we can’t guarantee the concentricity between bearing and bearing block, the diameter runout will increase.
sophisticated belt conveyor roller fabricating equipment
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