Fault Analysis of Portable Belt Conveyor


For common faults of portable belt conveyor, we must promptly find it out and deal with it timely, now PK Machinery will introduce the common faults and some handling measure to you.
Portable belt conveyor failure NO.1: Bearing is overheating

The major cause:

1)bearing wearing clearance increases;

2)lubricating grease is too much or too little, lubricating grease is not good or it contains other impurities;

3)bearing block gets loose;
portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

When confronted with this situation, we need to adjust that bearing or replace it directly. And at the same time we need to control the usage amount of lubricating grease. Adopt the qualified lubricating grease product.

Portable belt conveyor failure NO.2: Belt slip

The possible cause:

1)The position of conveyor drum is skewed;

2)Roller longitudinal center line and conveyor longitudinal center line is not vertical to each other;

3)Body frame is uneven or deformation,

4)Belt looseness is not enough;

5)The external skin of conveyor drum wears seriously;
portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

When coming across this issue, we need to adjust the position of the conveyor drum, level the rollers or correct the body frame. Meanwhile, we adjust relaxation degree of the belt and repair its damaged external skin.

Portable belt conveyor failure NO.3: Belt rupture

The cause of this failure may be due to the baffle damage, hard conveyed materials fall into empty edge of belt leading to belt stuck, etc.

When this happens, we need to repair or replace the baffle , and replace the external skin of the conveyor drum.
portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

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