Features and Notes of Steel Cord Belt Bucket Elevators(1)


1. Operation component: Special structure design that has been used in this part includes the high intensity tear-resistant steel cord belt with a customized belt joint and bucket fastener which enables the longer lasting of steel cord belt, the design and layout of bucket are reasonable with different arrangement to ensure the materials can loading and unloading continuously. The steel cord belt bucket elevator should be checked regularly to prevent abnormal noise or vibration.

2. Operation parts: The decelerator with hard tooth surface orthogonal shaft connected directly with the elevator shaft, with the help of hydraulic coupling to overhaul the machine and non-return device, structure of transmission device is compact which can achieve the flexible starting. The inspection must be done regularly to check whether the discharging of material flow of chute is normal, accumulated or blockage or not, and check whether the pressure in bucket elevators are negative or not.

decelerator of bucket elevator
3. Upper part device: The pulley is designed with automatic centering device. The material used for pulley is rubber capsule with high performance which has longer life span, the frictional force will be larger. The step to check whether any leakage occur in the elevator and decelerator, and the condition of lubricate oil level should be done regularly.

rubber coated pulley