Features of Main Working Parts for NE Series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator


1.Upper device: double row traction is installed on the head segment of NE series plate Chain Bucket Elevator to avoid chain swing. Which also install backstop device to avoid buckets return running.
2.Middle casing:Double row traction rails are installed in some middle casing to avoid chain swing during running, and there are maintenance inspection doors installed in some middle casing. It is convenient to maintain the NE series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator.
3.Bottom device:Tension device is installed in bottom segment. For model NE15~NE50, the NE Plate Chain Bucket Elevator adopt spring tension device. For model NE100~NE800, it adopts heavy hammer box tension.
4.The head and tail chain wheels adopt ZG310-570. Hardening and tempering, HB229-269 tooth surface quenching HRC40~48.
5. Plate Chain: chain plate adopts 45# HRC36~42.
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