Five steps to improve swing screen service life


Swing screen will occur losses in the production process, and the loss is irreversible. Therefore, only effective maintenance of the equipment in the normal production process can prolong its service life and reduce equipment maintenance costs. Here we will introduce in five steps as follows:
1. Although rectangle swing screen does not need lubricating oil in daily work, we still need to overhaul the swing screen once a year. For example, replace the lining plate and repair the surface of two screens. The motor shall be disassembled for inspection, and the motor bearing shall be changed. In case of bearing damage, replace the bearing immediately. Reduce damage to the swing screen.
2. The maintenance of the square tumbler screen shall be carried out before power on. At this time, it shall and must be operated by hand and carefully check whether the motor connecting flexible sheet rotates smoothly, and check whether there are obstacles around the equipment. At the same time, it shall also check whether the bolt connections of the swing screen are firm and safe, so as to ensure that all bolts are not loose, and there is no abnormal sound between components during startup and operation, ensure that the safe distance from the surrounding fixtures is greater than 80mm.
3. When the swing screen is used, the suspension frame used to hang the screen is still recommended. Of course, this can also be configured according to your own production needs.
4. When testing the swing screen, it must have no load, start up and then carry out production to the feed inlet, and ensure that the equipment stops feeding when it needs to stop. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage to the swing screen.
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