Five Steps to Install a Scraper Chain Conveyor


Better scraper chain conveyor installation is the deterministic factor that whether the machine can be operated normal. Here PK Machinery introduce the method from the following steps:
1. Position Setting
At first, it’s better to make sure that where is the position of head and tail. And then users can make a position for center line of scraper conveyor.
2. Lay Out Middle Trough Body
Users can lay out middle trough body according to the machine’s center line. Also, it must make sure that laying of conveyor surface should be straight otherwise it will make the chain and trough casing worn.
3. Head and tail scraper conveyor section installation
Make sure that there is some space in head and tail of scraper conveyor so that uses can maintain or repair it timely. Meanwhile, center lines of chain wheel and scraper conveyor should be in a vertical status.
4. Scraper Chain Installation
Users should connect the scraper chain before making a installation. Not only should the scraper blade distribute equably in the chains, but also should the length of chain be equal.
5. Inspection and Non-load Running
Users had better inspect the scraper conveyor totally after all the installation work is being done. Make sure that the machine has 2 hours non-load running so that users can inspect whether driven device and drag chain scraper conveyor are running normally as well as can adjust the length of chain.

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