Flange connection introduction of Screw conveyor


Spiral conveyor screw surface in the form of solid spiral (S method) and belt spiral (D method) two. The flanged connection between the screw shafts ensures the interchangeability of the connecting shafts and facilitates maintenance. The screw conveyor cover is tiled and clamped on the cover with a cover buckle. If you need to improve the sealing performance, users can add waterproof canvas between the cover and the cover. The screw conveyor inlet and outlet devices have feed inlets, square outlets, push outlets, and rack-type outlets. The user must first use the on-site screw conveyor before running. Confirm that the screw conveyor equipment, personnel, and the conveyed goods are all in a safe and sound condition; secondly, check that all moving parts are normally free of foreign matter, and check whether all electrical lines and voltages are normal. Only when it is normal can the belt conveyor be put into operation.
The requirements for conveying materials for screw conveyors are powder, granular and small pieces of materials, such as: cement, coal powder, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand, etc. The material temperature must not exceed 200°C. The working environment of the screw machine should be -20 °C ~ 50 °C, allows a slight incline to use, the maximum angle of inclination shall not exceed 20 °C. Spiral conveyors are not suitable for conveying highly viscous, highly viscous, easily agglomerated materials because these materials stick to the screw during transport and then rotate with them without moving forward or form material imperfections at the suspended bearings. , so that the screw machine does not work properly.
Under normal circumstances, the middle section of the screw conveyor auger will be arranged according to the length in sequence. The longest middle section is close to the head section, and the middle section of the same length is tied together. If there are special requirements, the arrangement order is given when ordering. A thrust bearing is installed in the screw conveyor head section to bear the axial force, a bearing is installed to support the screw shaft in the middle section and the tail section, and an axially movable radial bearing is also arranged in the tail section of the screw conveyor. Compensate the length of the screw shaft and adapt to changes in temperature.
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