Four Factors Influence Large Inclination Belt Conveyor


1.Large inclination belt conveyor is generally used for bulk materials continuous conveying, it generally adopts with corrugated sidewall and baffle plate conveyor belt. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is especially suitable for large angle 90 degrees and vertical transportation.
2. Large angle belt conveyor can be used for metallurgy, coal, chemical,metallurgy, electric power, food industries and other sectors, it is suitable for working environment temperature range of -15 DEG to 40 DEG C in conveying bulk various proportion of 0.5 - 4.2t / m3 bulk materials.
3. For conveying materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, acid, alkali, oil or organic solvents and other components of the material, special conveyor belt should be used.
4. The conveying angle can be 0 DEG to 90 DEG, and the maximum vertical conveying material granularity is 400mm.
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