Frequently asked questions of liner vibrating screen


 Linear vibrating screen is an efficient screening equipment, which can screen and classify powdered and granular materials. It is widely used in petroleum drilling, shale gas drilling, geothermal well smelting, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical industry and other industries.
1.Features such as low energy consumption ,high efficiency,simple structure ,easy maintenance,and no dust spillage in fully enclosed structure;
2. Excluding impurities: high-performance vibrating screen can quickly remove large particles or small particles with low percentage content during high-flux processing;
3. Screening: The particles and powder can be divided into different size particle segments. A single vibratory screening machine can be equipped with a multi-layer screen, capable of continuously sorting out 2-6 grain sizes and controlling a smaller particle size range;
4. Slag liquid separation: The vibratory screening machine can quickly remove insoluble solids from various types of slurry and discharge slag continuously.
Second, frequently asked questions and solutions:
1. Abnormal flow of material on the screen surface: Because of the lack of rigidity of the linear vibration separator box, there is a critical frequency, loose connection bolts and other factors. We need to look horizontally along the horizontal direction of the screen box to find faults from the support base or the spring itself that supports the foot spring, change the spring or change the size of the support.
2. Too fast breakage of the screen: It may be due to the quality of the linear vibration sieve itself. The over-quality of the screen is one of the main reasons causing the screen to break. This is mainly because the material of the production screen is not reaching the requirements of the material tells us to choose a better quality material when choosing a screen. Quality is the primary factor of choice, and we cannot covet cheap moments. It may also be because the strain of the screen is not enough to cause the screen to vibrate, and the screen will be broken or damaged along the edge or the bead, which requires us to constantly check the tension of the screen and make timely adjustments.
3.The quality of the linear vibrating screen is poor: the mesh clogging caused by improper operation is mainly due to the increase of fine particles in the screening material or the increase of moisture content, which makes the material layer on the screen too thick, resulting in uneven feeding phenomenon. We can tighten the screens on both sides. After the mechanical problems are solved, we can reverse the rotation for a period of time to improve the screening quality.
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