The Function of Forward-Tilt Belt Conveyor Roller


Belt deviation is a common problem in the most of the belt conveyor operation. Avoiding the belt running deviation is very important and adopt forward-tilt belt conveyor roller group is one effective method. But the forward-tilt belt conveyor roller only can be used in one-direction running belt conveyor, which is the most important.

There is an angle between the axis of the forward-tilt belt conveyor roller set and the horizontal plane of the beam in vertical direction. And there exists an forward-tilt angle between the axis of the belt conveyor rollers and the horizontal plane of the beam in horizontal direction. This installation form reduce the tension during the process that the conveying belt transforming from flat shape to trough shape or transforming from trough shape to flat shape. Generating a force against the belt deviation, which make the belt conveyor operates stably.

forward-tilt belt conveyor roller fabricated by PK mining machinery

The forward-tilt belt conveyor roller can avoid the belt deviation to reduce the conveying materials adhering to the rollers. There are 2 kinds of forward-tilt roller which includes V type and trough type. V type belt conveyor rollers set forward-tilt return roller is supporting non-load belt, which consists of 2 pieces of rollers, each piece of roller angles up by 5 degrees and angles forward by 2 degrees. Generally every 10 sets of rollers group matches with 4 pieces of V type return rollers and 6 pieces of parallel rollers.

Besides, We should pay attention to the supporting frame during the forward-tilt belt conveyor rollers assembly. They should be installed matching with the trough carrying rollers to guarantee the belt conveyor running steadily.

forward-tilt belt conveyor roller fabricated by PK mining machinery

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